About our agency

Short Story About Our Company

Gearup Digitals is situated in Toronto, Canada and focuses on assisting companies in reaching a broad but specific audience.

Canada is a cultural melting pot. According to afsusa.org, Canada is an immigrant nation with a wide variety of people, cultures, music, food, and sports, in addition to almost every type of climate, environment, and terrain imaginable.
The problems of repositioning and realigning marketing strategies to adapt to and capitalize on the variety in the community come with the fascinating and fresh viewpoints, skills, cultures, colors, creativity, designs, and changing palettes that characterize this dynamic and diverse world.

Many small businesses may find the marketing environment intimidating, and we comprehend their financial limitations and post-Covid difficulties. It gets harder and harder to keep local customers loyal as competition rises and foot traffic declines. Small firms must therefore have a marketing team knowledgeable about the local market, its ongoing development, and how to succeed there consistently.

Our team of professionals is ready to support the success of your business. We are aware of the difficulties and possibilities presented by marketing to a diverse audience.

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    Jul, 2019
    Foundation of the Company

    In July 2019, we started Gearup Digitals to revolutionize the digital marketing space for the betterment. The start wasn't easy, but our team made it possible with their dedication and hard work.

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    Dec, 2019
    The Growth Starts

    By December 2019 we already had a few clients onboard who believed in our vision, even though we just started a couple of months back.

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    Mar, 2020
    Covid-19 Causes Havoc

    The start of 2020 was catastrophic for businesses in Canada. During this period we made it a priority to grow as many small mom-and-pop stores from shutting down as possible.

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    Feb, 2021
    We Get Back On Track

    By February 2021 our clients almost doubled and so was our team. We were growing after the aftermath of Covid-19

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    Nov, 2022
    The Vision Starts Growing

    The vision we saw in 2019 was finally becoming a reality. We are making a change in the digital marketing space. Our clients are getting the results especially small business owners who barely made it through the pandemic.

Excellent Support
Our team is always one call away to help you run your business smoothly. You can always reach out to us, when you need help with your business.
Awesome Team
Gearup Digitals team are veterans in the industry, and know exactly how to scale your brand rapidly.
Faster Performance
We use the power of data to find lucrartive opportunities to help you grow.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the digital marketing landscape. Since Covid-19 a lot of small businesses have been shut down. At Gearup Digitals we work relentlessly to help those small businesses sustain in a competitive digital landscape. But, we don’t limit ourselves! We have dozens of corporate clients who are getting successful results from our digital services.